The Roads

Another day, please - a chance to travel, From my mind, release - as thoughts unravel, To the beat of my heart, sing along, We’ve been apart, for far too long, So with my melody, a wistful smile, As I, share a memory, 'cause it’s been a while, And I, do not know, where I’m... Continue Reading →

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When you need help.

When your room is as disorganized as your mind, When motivation to do anything (even your hobbies!) you just cannot find, When to the outside world, you have gone blind, When social interaction is a big no way, When you just cannot figure out the words to say, When they would not understand you anyway,... Continue Reading →

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I keep myself busy to hear no sound, To cut myself off from the world around, For the thoughts in my head are no rosy pink, I cannot get in my bed a cozy wink. Try as I might just to see the stars, In my own mind I reside behind bars, Clouded by fear... Continue Reading →

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Surrounded by people, I never felt more alone. But now I'm all by myself, And I finally feel at home. Sometimes into your life people enter, Who are never meant to be. Those superficial relationships with no center, Are quite unhealthy. We swallow our pride, To impress our peers. We take everything in stride, And... Continue Reading →

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Gather ye who wish to hear, The remarkable tale of a missing tear, That slipped so discretely from thy corner, Of each tormented morose mourner, That wails for the absence of thy freedom, For masked is the light of the guiding beacon, By the pillars of thy deceptive society, Whither education has been established on... Continue Reading →

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Into The Woods

By day, a brisk walk through the park, By night, run from fear of the eerie dark, A meeting with a stranger, a pleasant surprise, But continued forth is lurking your demise, Flee back to the terrifying rotting bark. Take a chance - explore the woods unknown, Ignore the voice within that won’t condone, Be... Continue Reading →

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I wonder what I am to you…

I wonder what I am to you, Even you, the one reading this poem, too. Am I to you what you are to me? Through distance and time and warped memory? If I were but a mere shadow, And if we were to dance in the meadow, You would be the bigger person in the... Continue Reading →

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Lonely lunches in the corridors Stuffing our faces to save the time To halt your progress to heaven’s door We attempt to restore you to your prime In crowded hospitals the anxious patients Closely observe the seconds tick by Oh these wards, they know no patience Fear resides in every eye I promise that we... Continue Reading →

I miss you

He was precious, he was mine He gave me love all the time Cuddles, snuggles oh so sweet Gazing at me for a treat Acrobatics like monkey bars He would always reach for the stars A place by now he would’ve returned to Without him I don’t know what to do Hammy, I will always... Continue Reading →


All the roads lead back to Rome And all my thoughts take me back home A place that I’ve defined in you Where I return when feeling blue I love my work ‘cause it keeps me Occupied and quite busy For when I’m left alone and idle My mind tends to race and travel I... Continue Reading →


In your eyes resides an unfathomable depth, That I endeavor to explore. The others don’t enlighten me, the exoteric folk, My infallible interest they fail to invoke. A rarity like you is a diamond to treasure, I would love to know you, would you give me the pleasure? Together we would visit places untraveled, Outdoors... Continue Reading →

like a rose

Beautiful post!

Express the Gabbiness

underneath the delicacy

lies the strength

the power contained

with every blossom

behind the beauty

hides the abuse

the sadness suppressed

after every trim

above it all

comes the love

the happiness yield

from sacrifice

❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading,

Gabby Salazar

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Bon Appétit

Oh dear bee where have you been? I’m ready to commit the biggest “sin” I know you desire my nectar sweet I am yours, bon appétit For it’s the time to pollinate You’ll never meet a better mate I know I’m new but I’ve got power And so do you, to me deflower Note: This... Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate

The truth hurts but it’s bittersweet For it’s better to know, than to be cheat Imagine all the lies you believed And on the surface the people who agreed While inside they’d be mocking you And you’d never know what’s really true I’ve discovered that those too sweet Would really give you diabetes But dark... Continue Reading →

My heart broke today

I don't even know how to start writing this.. well, some of you may know this, but I'm a doctor now. I just started working as an intern less than two weeks ago. Today was my first day at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). "Neonate" is the term for a newborn baby, who is... Continue Reading →

Forgive, don’t forget.

My motto was “forgive and forget” But Mother told me “forgive, don’t forget” For what’s forgotten shall be repeated, Of happiness you would be cheated, Remember all, remember true, From now on wary shall be you, When you look around at the sight Of the crowds, you get a fright, From now on out, don’t... Continue Reading →


What do I write when I feel as if,My reason for writing has disappeared?The community here is truly a gift,They appreciate each other, even if weird.I used to write about my lost love,And the heartbreak that did follow.But I’ve been granted freedom from above,That in that sadness not to wallow.I moved on so finally,My mind... Continue Reading →


Blessed I am to be fortunate enough to feel the sunlight on my skin, My stirring emotions come to a halt as I feel calm from within. I lay down on the trimmed-down lawn as I look up at the sky, My muscles tense as I reminisce upon our final goodbye. Along does come the... Continue Reading →

Lost love

He saw past her peppered face, her crooked teeth, and unkempt hair. He looked beyond her four-eyed glare, And deep into her soul. He knew all her flaws by heart and loved her anyway, And he promised to cherish her every single day. That was his goal. Time grew up and so did they, their... Continue Reading →


Open up, please, it’s you I want to see! But you only seem to be fond of speaking of me.. I wish to travel to the inner you, And I desire to know what is really true. You’re a mystery to me, I cannot decipher, The one I crave to know, you are my fire.... Continue Reading →


The place in my heart that belongs to you, Stayed far too long, I am a fool, And now that you’re gone, I’m feeling blue, But to the outside world, I play it cool. The past years have been a rollercoaster ride, But it was worth it just to see you smile, Now new rules... Continue Reading →


In shallow waters, you cannot find, The answers, that shall clear your mind, The depth of an abyss, which cannot be measured, Shall give you bliss, and shall be treasured, Within the darkness, seek the light, Dispel the sadness, end your plight, Be brave in the face, of dear foe fear, Walk a sweet pace,... Continue Reading →


Whispers crawl into my ears, Break my heart, I must be fierce, For it has been so very long, Things between us’ve gone so very wrong, Now we are strangers, you and I, And you do not look me in the eye, I do not know who you are anymore, And I know I should... Continue Reading →


The whirring sound Of my wireless heart Is slowly fading with the night As the battery leaks Like blood stained tears Agonizing over the fight. Since you left me that day The ECG shows a flatline ‘Cause you aren’t here tonight


In your story where you Are the protagonist, All along have you Been the antagonist? A constant struggle Within your mind, Too much trouble - Truth hard to find, Seek out the light Deep in your soul, Shines, the dark night Through your heart’s hole, Shall you boldly face Your biggest fear, In a daunting... Continue Reading →


Why is it that the little ones have clearer understandings of themselves? As a child, I knew myself more than I do now. I was creative, I called myself an artist, and I was proud and satisfied. I loved to sing, I'd even sing in public. I was kind and helpful to everyone. I loved... Continue Reading →

Together Forever (Never)

He walked by me and I caught a scent, That reminded me of the time we spent, I feel you in the air I breathe, And at night I see you in my dreams. Sometimes I wonder to myself, If you were my imagination, But something so extraordinary as yourself, Could not have been my... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Tunes

The music brings back memories, Memories of a time when you were with me, When things were not just black/white/grey, But filled with color every day. The melody that would lull me to sleep, Now has me reminiscing, oh, how I weep! And my heart becomes full with much sorrow, And as the night ends,... Continue Reading →


Nobody knows what lies beneath the mask, The facade of accomplished hopes and dreams, While in truth festers a rotting wound that cannot be closed. Nobody knows that beyond that thick exterior, A beautiful butterfly yearns to break free, But she’s trapped in a haunted reality. Nobody knows that if she had the chance, She... Continue Reading →


I see the unheard voices,Crying for helpFor their eyes convey moreThan their frail vocal cordsWhose feeble vibrations are insufficient to move youTheir throaty pleas and husky laughsAre casually dismissed by you the nonchalant,The type who’s lived with no lossBut not in want for naughtFor satisfaction is a difficult skillAnd your brain chooses to ignore themTo... Continue Reading →


A heart filled with too much love Burst An explosion Scattered fragments Home is where the heart is... And it’s everywhere but here


Let us grow up together, Let us travel the world. Our journey on earth let us complete together, Let us together grow old. A new dimension let us discover together, As we explore the skies as departed souls. Image source

Wishful Thinking

The good boy's sweet to me, He's innocent and kind. The good boy favors me, But he's not on my mind. The bad boy looks at me, A gaze that traps me under his spell. With sharp piercing eyes boring into me, That take me straight down to hell. The good boy's perfect in every... Continue Reading →


Please calm the storm; The hurricane of emotions in my heart that were born.

The Flower Vase 💐

Imagine you're holding a glass vase of flowers  at the level of your torso You drop it It falls and breaks into fragments, damaging the flowers within You stick all the pieces back together like you’re solving a jigsaw puzzle They fit perfectly this time, and nobody notices the difference Now imagine, you're holding the... Continue Reading →


My eyes still replay the texts on the cell, As my worries they do quell, My ears still remember your music well, And the intriguing stories that you would tell, My clothes have memories of your smell, My nose would never forget that, you know well, My lips still tingle from those brushes swell, I... Continue Reading →


Tick-tock, tick-tock You sleep throughout the day And lie wide awake at night Tick-tock, tick-tock You're desperately trying to find a way for your mind to shut down till the next light Tick-tock, tick-tock All you want is for your cogitation to stop Just take a break, please! But no, its hold on you will just not... Continue Reading →

Sleep Paralysis

All of a sudden, my eyes fluttered open I don't know what I'd been dreaming of all this time but I could see it - A dark shadow looming over me Who was that? What was that?! I tried to scream but my lips were glued shut and no sound would come out I tried... Continue Reading →


Why is it that, of all the people who love me, my soul seeks the one who does not? I cannot recollect the number of times that my mind and my heart have fought. I wish someone would come to save me, I have no more tears left to shed. If every drop were to... Continue Reading →


Beautiful girl with an angelic face, Voice sweet as honey, walk and poise full of grace. Her laugh the sound of bells, Makes you want to join in. But she'll take you down the rails, And much trouble, you'll be in. Her perfect smile won't make you doubt her impure intentions, Until you're hanging down... Continue Reading →


Today, I saw a boy who looked just like you, He and all his friends stared right back at me too, Embarrassed, I turned my gaze away, They giggled and continued to look my way, And as I walked by memory lane, I thought of all the things I did gain, I had been filled... Continue Reading →

No Longer

He's no longer the one I dream of at night. He's no longer the one I wake up with thoughts of in the morning. He's no longer the one in my consciousness, Even if he still slightly lingers in my subconsciousness. He's no longer the one who brightens my day, No longer the one who... Continue Reading →


How I long to be a free bird soaring through the wind Singing sweet melodies That tell tales of the serenity of the surrounding painted skies How I long to be one with nature Experiencing it with my mind, body and soul Breathing and absorbing it with all the six senses How I long to... Continue Reading →

Would she be proud?

If my younger self were to see me now, Do you think that she would be proud? After learning all of my mistakes, And of my bereaved heartbreaks, Would she want to change her course, Or experience nature’s greatest force? Do you think she would be happy, With the way that things have been for... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel

Enter with apprehension, Into a dark scary world. With unknown dangers ahead in retention, That you just can't ignore. Inside the tunnel, With just a small torchlight, Stumbling through, trying not to pummel, While seeking daylight. Zig-zag through a confusing black maze, Sometimes you feel as if you're in a daze. Scuttling through an anxiety-inducing... Continue Reading →

Cozy Silence

Whisper softly, for the angels are sleeping, And the demons in my head are stirring, stirring, Can you hear my racing heart beat, Against you, who in it have taken a seat? This body I possess has been occupied by, A strange sensation that is no longer shy, Creeping over, consuming me, A new persona,... Continue Reading →


Introductions to new interests and activities, Explorations to un-ventured parts of me. You showed me new possibilities, And I was flooded with dreams of what could be. A thing of the past, A mere figment of my dream-like memory. I see it was not meant to last, But you had an important role to play... Continue Reading →


In the meadows on That fated day, Till the dawn When you did say, That tiny fragments Of our hearts, Would stay stagnant In the fine art, Of the landscapes Of our souls, Where we escape To become whole, I realized That part of me, Crystallized In your sea, Where I swim In your eyes,... Continue Reading →


What do I do,When the thoughts in my headHave come to a standstill?How can I copeWhen my seductive bedOnly wards off the chillI feel in my peripheryBut not the one at my core?My reflections in disharmonyDaily life feels like a chore How do I sleepWith my eyes pried openBy the monsters underneath?How do I speakWhen... Continue Reading →

Stepping stone

I do not desire to use the past, As a barricade - Thwarting my attempts at moving on, Moving forward with my life, No! I use each experience as a stepping stone, A learning curve which only ascends, And up I glide and soar, Oh, I may slip sometimes, But that does only aid my... Continue Reading →

Final boss battle

Life Currently it’s like the final boss battle of the hardest game I’ve ever played I keep making the same moves and mistakes Hoping that this time something would change Knowing full well that it won’t despite my best efforts Because I went in headstrong, too fast Thought I was smarter than I really was... Continue Reading →


What if what I want to be, is something other than what you want me to be? What if your perception of me, is different from the actual me? What if what I want to do, clashes with what you want me to do? Will you give me the freedom to be, the person I... Continue Reading →


So..this kind of post is unusual for me but anyway, I got my hair cut today, and I have all these thoughts swimming around in my head. My hair used to fall at my waist and now it's just a couple inches below my shoulders. I feel awkward, and self conscious. People always used to... Continue Reading →


The harsh rain hammers at your bare skin like icy glass shards of the mirror you broke as you gawked at a reflection that no longer resembles you. You wince in pain, biting your lip and holding back your tears with your dam-like eyelids that could burst any moment now, flooding the passerby’s. Soon your... Continue Reading →


If horcruxes were real (and nobody had to die for it of course) If horcruxes were real, You would find me in My favorite book, It takes you to a realm, Explore every cranny, every nook, It leaves you overwhelmed. You’d find me in My favorite song, A melody so sweet, One that you’ve known... Continue Reading →


The sky is darkening, And the night is cold, The way your soul is blackening, No one could have foretold. On this stormy chilly night, That sends shivers up my spine, I hope and pray with all my might, That despite the chaos we will shine. Take my hand and come with me, I shall... Continue Reading →

Your Eyes

Do not look at me with those eyes, Which pierce right through my very soul, If I am correct, they shall be my demise, And in my essence they shall burn a hole. But fire itself cannot be burned, You shall merely fuel the flame, I wish towards you, I remain unturned, But alas! I... Continue Reading →


You’re rotting in your homeLike the roadkill on the streetYou’re mourning all aloneWith its last heartbeatThere are maggots in your brainAnd the stench of decayNow your heart you trainTo be impassive from todaySo your inner walls thickenImpermeable to the parasitesAs your heart starts to hardenGetting you through the nightsYou strengthen your frail bonesYour impenetrable rib... Continue Reading →

Terms and conditions…

In the end our love was all about the terms and conditions A breech in the imaginary contract I don’t remember signing


She prefers not the spotlight, In the shadows she awaits, Peeping, lurking, at the rests’ fates. She does not act on her own accord - That’s what she’ll have you think, As she smirks in the background, watching you sink. You’ll know then as it hits you, Where you went so horribly wrong, Realizations reach... Continue Reading →


Salt stained pillows and tears of blood Pooling around, they start a flood Drowning people and miseries Deleting all the memories Stored on that sacred hard disk in your mind The one that others shall never find Corrupting all the files within To transcend your spirit, you begin Crashing down into your estranged bed You’re... Continue Reading →


He walked all over the broken glass pieces of her fragile heart, unaware of his bleeding bare skin marking its territory and displaying its pain - ink of blood dispersed across the canvas of stained bedsheets. Soiled sheets like soiled heart like soiled body and soul. Who would accepted a soul so beaten black and... Continue Reading →

You amaze me

A lightning bolt piercing through my heart, Is nothing compared to your electric gaze, A fiery glance, a flaming dart, Setting my very soul ablaze. Oh your ratings are off the chart, You forever continue to amaze, I never wish from you to part, You put me in a merry daze. I ought to stop,... Continue Reading →

SOS – Soothe Our Souls

You know how music affects your mood? Depending on the genre, music can completely change your outlook, your mood, and your overall day/life, even.It can make you feel various emotions especially if you’re well in tune to it.Now, this can be both positive and negative. While listening to upbeat music can lift up your spirits,... Continue Reading →

All they see

No one knows I saved some kids from bullying at schoolNo one knows I saved a dog from the downpours and the fliesNo one knows I saved a girl from a speeding carNo one knows I saved a friend from slitting up her wristsNo one knows I saved a boy from jumping off his roofNo... Continue Reading →

Late Night Thoughts 🌙 💭

When darkness comes knocking at my door, I turn on the lights, it won’t trouble me no more. But when the Grim Reaper comes for me, Prepared to accept him, I shall be. And into the night I will soar. For I have experienced everything I can, And when it’s my time, do not say... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Logic

There comes a point in a girl's life where she meets a guy who drives her crazy, She knows he's no good but he makes her want to be racy. She knows there's no future but she no longer cares, All she wants to do is follow him everywhere. She knows what she's doing and... Continue Reading →

You cling

You cling to your lover You cling to the pain Like a mummified corpse clings to his beloved coffin You cling to the battery Leaking out from your phone Escaping from the various sins you‘re meant to atone You cling to your mother On your most caustic day When the clouds above are not more... Continue Reading →


Every night the guitar plays The songs which you wish to convey Without the words you cannot say That you suppress during the days A rattling rhythm through my bones I feel it when I’m all alone They strike my soul, these quivering tones, For a sin I must atone You gently stroke the strings... Continue Reading →

Sandy Skies

Submit yourself To the stillness of the sea The gentle quietness Surrounding you and me The peaceful azure And relaxing breeze Shall the demons deter And make them freeze Forgetting their mission To devour our minds They choose submission And unwind Into the draft Of the sandy skies Where the angels craft In disguise image... Continue Reading →

Rocket 🚀

Sometimes all it takes is a little push - a couple words of encouragement, reflecting the confidence and faith in you that you have the ability to achieve anything, that gives you the boost required to propel you to the top - to where you’re meant to be. Oh you beautiful rocket in distress, Don’t... Continue Reading →


This poem comes as the next part to Attraction. Please give that a read first! I see him, he calls out to me, Satisfaction with every broken shell. I see him, he calls out to me, Deepest secrets to only me he’ll tell. I see him, he calls out to me, His inner turmoil will be... Continue Reading →


I see it, it calls out to me, Something broken that needs to be fixed. I see it, it calls out to me, Spreading feelings and signals mixed. I see it, it calls out to me, The allure of mystery. I see it, it calls out to me, My imagination runs wild with fantasy. I... Continue Reading →

Unlock Me

My heart is locked and I’ve thrown away the key, Oh, it’s somewhere buried deep inside of me, Layers and layers you must peel, To start comprehending what I feel, But my heart is guarded, you cannot get in, Till you break down the doors, you shall not win, You huff and you puff but... Continue Reading →

The Innocent

The unscarred walking through the night, Blissfully and without a fright, Naive little angels they truly are, Only able to see the light, Despite having come so far. Oh, when will these poor creatures open their eyes? Such state of mind shall lead to their demise, How do we change their disposition? How do we... Continue Reading →

The Orphan

Her worn out clothes reek of poverty Rat-nibbled holes present here and there Your baggy jeans are a luxury You eye her greasy unkempt hair And her antsy gait lacking energy The stench of indigence fills the air Soot stained cheeks smile apologetically But she offers you a daunting dare You listen to her curiously... Continue Reading →


I run, I run, From time I feel catching up with me. It’s fun, it’s fun, Till their watchful eyes grab hold of me. A gun, a gun, Pointed at my freedom, threatening me. A ton, a ton, Of pressure on my head, there’ll be. Undone, I’m done, My crippling mind and wobbly knee. I... Continue Reading →


I lay in my bed Wide awake at night The demons in my head Give me a fright They haunt me in My cryptic dreams Of decay within And unheard screams That penetrate My very core They permeate Through my pores Exuding fears Of calamity Through my ears Bursting viciously Creating an aura Of necrosis... Continue Reading →

the ringing in my ears

This noise, this noise Like a broken radio Or static from a TV. This noise, this noise I cannot hear myself Think clearly. This noise, this noise Make it go away Or I cannot sleep. This noise, this noise It is troubling me Oh, how I weep! This noise, this noise They’re the verbal deadwood... Continue Reading →

Fallen Angel

To wish for a time machine, is but futile, To erase a memory, that is just so vile, When looked back on, to the throat bring bile, Those acts frowned upon, never again to smile. Oh how she does ruminate, on her most horrid mistake, It is but unfortunate, that she did make, Brought to... Continue Reading →

Your arrow

Rupture my heart With your bow and arrow A flaming dart With aim so narrow Has caused my soul To bleed out for you My peace you stole You altered my every view Disrupting my orderly State of mind Which acutely Had me quarantined For I’ve been infected With your love Cardiac arrested Now I’m... Continue Reading →

There are stars

Underneath a twinkling sky, Where we both lay, sipping wine, Feeling free as our souls fly, Fireworks burst when we entwine. The stars reflected in your eyes, Shine brighter than any light, Oh, this must be paradise, Creating memories tonight.


There is a fine thin line, Between right and wrong, Two faces would shine, At sound of their souls’ song, A delicate dance, Into the heart, A deadly trance, Once torn apart. Upon recollection of, The once happy memories, Which were filled with love, And are now mere sad stories, A wave of guilt washed... Continue Reading →


I love the sound of my name As it escapes your buttery lips When you say I drive you insane Your love deep into my soul rips My every fiber craving you An electric tingling in my spine I arch my back and lean into you Devouring everything that’s mine


When I look in the mirror, I often wonder, If everyone else is aware of my every blunder. A cool, composed, and confident me, Is apparently what they seem to see. But all the things they think they see, I think do not really exist in me. Do people think I do as I may,... Continue Reading →

Your smile

The salt in the air doesn’t bother me, Nor does the bittersweet aftertaste of his kiss, No, it’s your sugary smile that petrifies me, Something I fear that I would miss. The venom of the snake penetrates my skin, But all it takes is a look in your eyes, To forget every moment, every sin,... Continue Reading →

I let you go

Attempting to hold you is like trying to catch the sea, I’d only get drenched but you’d never be with me, If I tried to contain you in an enclosed jar, There’d still be a barrier, from me you would be far, So I let you go, I set you free, Away you go, away... Continue Reading →

The First Fall

When your feathers start to fall, and you think it’s the end of it all, I want you to recall, upon the First Fall. Chirping in your little nest, you had no clue what to do, But you decided to try your best, you started with what you knew. You were little then, do you... Continue Reading →


I pray for the heavens to hear my plea, To show me much more than what I can see, I wish to unlock the secrets held high above, And drown out the miseries of a lost love. Raised as a princess with independence, I don’t need anyone to finish my sentence, I just wish for... Continue Reading →


I reside in a puddle, Around me you huddle, My small frame you long to cuddle, As your soul begins yearning to protect, Our surroundings you inspect, Past experiences you recollect, For I am a delicate little flower, Unscarred by any evil power, Forfending me to cower, Through my blind naive belief, Which provides you... Continue Reading →

Too late

Where were you all the while, When I was chasing after you? I hardly ever saw you smile, You always assumed I knew, Of your feelings for me, Rooted deep within your heart, You thought that I could see, That it killed you to be apart. But how, when it never was Displayed on the... Continue Reading →


Erase the memory - Erase the pain. Erase the worry, There’s nothing to gain. Erase the thoughts of, Losing everything, Everything you love, For it all means nothing. All that you once, Thought you knew, You feel like a dunce, They weren’t true. You’ve been cheat, All this time, Your heart beat, For the wrong... Continue Reading →


The sun has long since wandered, Tirelessly without complaint. Not once has it ever squandered, Throughout its life it’s been a saint. If a powerful being as such daily, Could be so disciplined and dutiful, Why is it when it comes to me, I am lethargic and sorrowful?

Must I Rhyme?

My cynosure is the rhyme, So often that I transgress the write, If every beat must match in time, Am I aiming to confine the light?

Lonely Nights

Lonely nights are the writers’ friend, Pouring out thoughts till the very end.

My Strength

Dear loves, I’m sorry I don’t reveal, I just don’t want you to worry, And I’m sorry I don’t tell you how I feel, When everything seems so blurry. I am as open as can be, But not when something’s very wrong. Then I do not speak so freely, I try to show that I... Continue Reading →

Kind Souls

Quality, not quantity. Who, not how many. But I am fortunate enough to have the right who and many. The ones who genuinely care about me, The ones who put a smile on me, The ones who lend a shoulder to cry on, The ones who never would let me down, In my life they... Continue Reading →

Running out

It’s late at night. I can hear every second pass by from my bedside alarm clock like a ticking time bomb, serving as a constant reminder of the imminent implosion that is to come if I were to not effectively utilize these passing moments that easily slip through my fingers as if they were attempting... Continue Reading →


You Shrouded by darkness A veil around you Impermeable to light Me Full of light But your darkness Oh, it radiates, And it strikes through my soul But I am still Full of light And I shall dispel That which is not bright

The Wind

You appeared and disappeared with the speed of the wind, But you will forever be remembered and remain within.


The doors are closed, Locked and latched, The only key vanished, Into thin air, Where the secrets reside, The truth, The hurt, But the outside, The door outside is beautiful, Perfectly carved, or so it seems, Perfectly painted, that’s what you see, No one will know the inner me.


Darling I’m drowning In your love But you’re the very air In my lungs Allowing me to safely float On the surface Won’t sink, I’ll swim or take a boat Just to see your face


I Love the Sound of the Raindrops falling Softly on the glass Windows of my country Home as I sleep late at night Because they remind me of how Far I have come in my journey back To finding myself and mending my soul found something I wrote months ago and hadn’t posted; I’d changed... Continue Reading →


What could I write? When the time has stood still and my heart has gone numb? How can I fight, When my ears are deaf and I am dumb? What should I do, When I am blind to my surroundings? Can I call upon you, To help me spread my wings? Like a creature of... Continue Reading →


Forever lurking in the dark, When light arrives I’m far apart, A constant seeking for a spark, To warm up your hardened heart, Which to conquer is my goal, Mysterious, you aren’t a bore, I learned that once somebody stole, When it on your sleeve you wore. A warrior I am, in love, I’ll fight... Continue Reading →


I watch as my shadows split into two, And reflect me from within. As I advance towards the light, To merge into one, my shadows begin. The singular ray of shining hope, Summons me at its integral chime. The shadows follow and disappear ...but only until the next time. Image source


Oh, my lord! ‘‘Tis my desire, As with my sword, I’ve jumped the pyre, For your followers, With eyes of gold, Who are borrowers, From the old, Of wisdom which, They love to lend, I ask the rich, My heart to mend. Image source

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