The Roads

Another day, please - a chance to travel, From my mind, release - as thoughts unravel, To the beat of my heart, sing along, We’ve been apart, for far too long, So with my melody, a wistful smile, As I, share a memory, 'cause it’s been a while, And I, do not know, where I’m... Continue Reading →

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When you need help.

When your room is as disorganized as your mind, When motivation to do anything (even your hobbies!) you just cannot find, When to the outside world, you have gone blind, When social interaction is a big no way, When you just cannot figure out the words to say, When they would not understand you anyway,... Continue Reading →

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I keep myself busy to hear no sound, To cut myself off from the world around, For the thoughts in my head are no rosy pink, I cannot get in my bed a cozy wink. Try as I might just to see the stars, In my own mind I reside behind bars, Clouded by fear... Continue Reading →

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Surrounded by people, I never felt more alone. But now I'm all by myself, And I finally feel at home. Sometimes into your life people enter, Who are never meant to be. Those superficial relationships with no center, Are quite unhealthy. We swallow our pride, To impress our peers. We take everything in stride, And... Continue Reading →

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Gather ye who wish to hear, The remarkable tale of a missing tear, That slipped so discretely from thy corner, Of each tormented morose mourner, That wails for the absence of thy freedom, For masked is the light of the guiding beacon, By the pillars of thy deceptive society, Whither education has been established on... Continue Reading →

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Into The Woods

By day, a brisk walk through the park, By night, run from fear of the eerie dark, A meeting with a stranger, a pleasant surprise, But continued forth is lurking your demise, Flee back to the terrifying rotting bark. Take a chance - explore the woods unknown, Ignore the voice within that won’t condone, Be... Continue Reading →

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I wonder what I am to you…

I wonder what I am to you, Even you, the one reading this poem, too. Am I to you what you are to me? Through distance and time and warped memory? If I were but a mere shadow, And if we were to dance in the meadow, You would be the bigger person in the... Continue Reading →

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It hurts that the one I was the closest to is now the most distant. It hurts that our words and actions were inconsistent. It hurts that the one who knew me in and out says he doesn't know me at all. It hurts that now I really don't know him at all. It hurts... Continue Reading →


You and I had a full stop.


To the winds that carry your name to my heart, I plead with them for that to stop, For right now we are miles apart, One glance from you shall make me drop. They usher whispers to you of my love, To which you flash a smile bright as the sun, But hidden deep within... Continue Reading →

Angels and Demons

Have you ever been afraid to look out your window at night? A faint rattling you hear when outside there’s no light, A rumbling in the sky above that brings to life your fears, A tumbling in your innards as you grind your mental gears, The darkness that surrounds you just consumes you physically, A... Continue Reading →


“All the respect that I had for someone who I used to hold in very high regard and used to feel is one of the best people I’ve ever met just shattered once I discovered her true colors and that whatever good thing she does is just for show.” - a message I sent my... Continue Reading →


I thought that I would try to rebuild them, But my fractured walls came crumbling down, From their cracks did new wounds stem, The inauguration of a virgin ghost-town. The spirits of the past came to haunt my soul, Which was burdened by their high-pitched screams, Passing in and out through me, my sanity they... Continue Reading →

Trust issues

You never know a person's true colors unless you've observed/interacted with them in a stress-inducing environment.


As my inhibitions are inhibited, I can feel my willpower dissolving. External sources are not even mandated, From my actions I am not absolving. My brain attempts to send signals to stop me, But my hands inch towards my phone. My heart is done waiting for you to call me, My soul is done waiting... Continue Reading →

The Leech

There I stood, alone Minding my own business Then it came along, Coated with a strongly adherent substance Attaching itself to me, but only on the surface It lured me in with a possibility Only to be extracting things from me An angel, it smiled at me sweetly The devil, it devoured my soul And... Continue Reading →

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