Gather ye who wish to hear, The remarkable tale of a missing tear, That slipped so discretely from thy corner, Of each tormented morose mourner, That wails for the absence of thy freedom, For masked is the light of the guiding beacon, By the pillars of thy deceptive society, Whither education has been established on... Continue Reading →

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Surrounded by people, I never felt more alone. But now I'm all by myself, And I finally feel at home. Sometimes into your life people enter, Who are never meant to be. Those superficial relationships with no center, Are quite unhealthy. We swallow our pride, To impress our peers. We take everything in stride, And... Continue Reading →

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When you need help.

When your room is as disorganized as your mind, When motivation to do anything (even your hobbies!) you just cannot find, When to the outside world, you have gone blind, When social interaction is a big no way, When you just cannot figure out the words to say, When they would not understand you anyway,... Continue Reading →

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The Roads

Another day, please - a chance to travel, From my mind, release - as thoughts unravel, To the beat of my heart, sing along, We’ve been apart, for far too long, So with my melody, a wistful smile, As I, share a memory, 'cause it’s been a while, And I, do not know, where I’m... Continue Reading →

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Into The Woods

By day, a brisk walk through the park, By night, run from fear of the eerie dark, A meeting with a stranger, a pleasant surprise, But continued forth is lurking your demise, Flee back to the terrifying rotting bark. Take a chance - explore the woods unknown, Ignore the voice within that won’t condone, Be... Continue Reading →

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I wonder what I am to you…

I wonder what I am to you, Even you, the one reading this poem, too. Am I to you what you are to me? Through distance and time and warped memory? If I were but a mere shadow, And if we were to dance in the meadow, You would be the bigger person in the... Continue Reading →

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Salvage the bonds as you rummage through the rubble of the pieces left behind. But truth without a doubt you shall not find, In the chaos of your creation in your wary mind. Explore within and look outward to the destruction of your entire world, Your every thought has lain unfurled, In each direction your... Continue Reading →

When to let go

The words that you left unsaid, Lingering in the night’s silence, Conveyed what lay in your head, A most ominous presence, The sorrow hidden deep in your eyes, That you wished from me to hide, The loss you faced and your demise, Unaware I would stay by your side, You fled the scene and wiped... Continue Reading →


Fluid thoughts in bottomless paper, Ink of blood carved in stone, Solid soul that once did waver, Guarded by unflinching bone.

विधि (Destiny)

I possess much gratitude towards you. And that is not something which could ever possibly simply fade into dust as other remnants of explosions would. We held in our hands what at the time seemed to be an unbreakable rare bond that eventually shattered into pieces, never to adequately reassemble again. However, the memories of... Continue Reading →


I Love the Sound of the Raindrops falling Softly on the glass Windows, appearing like Stars shining brightly against The ominous black background of The night, which is no longer feared but Loved, as the universe domains our souls Image source 1, 2


At last we each went our own way Never again will we both sway Our love was just not meant to stay My heart with you shall always lay To be together forever I did pray But wish and wish as I may No longer can I go astray Gone are the times when we... Continue Reading →

Colloquial Therapy

Sometimes, our minds go astray, And then, seek external help we may, Just like our bodies need to be fit, Sometimes our souls need to take a sit, And pour out their anxiety, While they learn the power of therapy.


Paint - With the colors conceivable only in your mind, A breathtaking place only you could find, Imbibed with memories that inspire your soul, And experiences that have made you whole. Watch - The clouds drift away and the sun start to set, While you reminisce upon the day we first met, And recall the... Continue Reading →


Sleep Off your worries in a cold night, Off your hunger in a harsh plight, Off the taint you feel on your skin, Off the thoughts of your terrible sin, Off the guilt that has you down, Off the agony you wish to drown, Off your deepest ruinous sorrow, For you will wake up to... Continue Reading →

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