Fri(end)ship – sailed?

You brought a lot of pain into my heart, And although I knew you did it unintentionally, I felt it would be best for us to part, So that I can live my own life peacefully. Days and months passed, no text, no call, You from my mind had been released. My life was going... Continue Reading →


Swim swim swim, I was minding my own business. Then came him, The fisherman who made my mind a mess. I swam away, To the other side of the earth. And then one day, A new interest was given birth. This new fisherman threw out a dazzling line, He reeled me in with his mesmerizing... Continue Reading →


Surrounded by people, I never felt more alone. But now I'm all by myself, And I finally feel at home. Sometimes into your life people enter, Who are never meant to be. Those superficial relationships with no center, Are quite unhealthy. We swallow our pride, To impress our peers. We take everything in stride, And... Continue Reading →

I am okay!

Worry, worry, worry, Under a mound of stress, I'm buried. Hurry, hurry, hurry, To find a solution to this mess, I'm worried. All these thoughts are making my head spin, Making me nauseous and dizzy. I wish I could toss it all away into the dustbin, For it is greatly taking a mental toll on... Continue Reading →


Darling beloved friend of mine, Are you aware that I hold our rapport divine? When you're around, it's the best time of mine, Even when you're far, I know that between us everything is fine. The physical distance may be great, But emotionally, we're as close as can be. And even though we haven't spoken... Continue Reading →


Fresh off the boat, you're trying to make a good impression, But you don't know the rules, and you don't have an invitation. You're seeking to get close to authority, Not knowing they prefer seniority. You realize you don't fit into this community, Everyone around you exhibits their superiority. A hostile vibe exudes from the... Continue Reading →


My view on love is the unconditional kind, The kind of love between a parent and child. The kind of love between friends or partners, But the kind of love that is eternal. Love doesn't just refer to a romantic mind, True love is an undying find. But when the fairytale love fades away, Does... Continue Reading →

In Love With A Demon

This is what happens when you're in love with a demon He'll eat you up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even The morning starts off so innocent and sweet And as the day progresses you realize his intentions are not so neat You stick around anyway, enduring abuse, You fall for his traps; he puts... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of the Mind

You rattle the bars but they won't budge You send angry waves of negative energy But the ripples rebound, instead giving you a hard nudge You live in a prison of your own creation Hating on yourself and your world's relations I stand outside knocking, in my handΒ my heart You accept it, offering me yours,... Continue Reading →

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