The People Who Shaped Me

Laying on the green grass and looking at the clouds I was
Moving slowly, the clouds were
My train of thought I boarded…
As my mind relaxed, rewound, and unloaded..
Faces flashed before my eyes
People I’d seen before, never spoken to
People who were close but lost touch
People who once meant the world to me, but were now mere strangers
And I wondered how the time had passed this way
Without them knowing
Without me showing
How each of them
In their own special way
Had a chisel
Had a mould
Had a dye
Had a gem or a jewel
And not to forget
The base of clay, a piece of Mother Earth
Altogether sculpting
Shaping this soul
With knowledge
With experiences
With memories
With love
With power
With possibilities…
Endless possibilities
Strength, and passion
Remove one factor
A single element from a memory
And receive a different product
A different person
For who am I if not for my experiences, memories and those who shaped me?
The clouds parted
The sun set
The sky greyed
I left the train as well as my thoughts
And I walked into the night

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