The Gaze Of Love

Tick tock tick tock tick-

The clock stopped ticking
My world stopped spinning
Suddenly I was lost
But I knew that I’d been found
In the place where I belonged
My soul swimming in the pearly black ocean
Of these sharp piercing eyes that held me

I wanted nothing more
And nothing less
Than to gaze at the most beautiful starry sky ever
And to bask in its glory forever

I’d been punched in the gut
My breath had been cut
Off by this near-tangible entity
Is this what they call love?
Maybe so

What a powerful drug this is
What a beautiful feeling this is
I don’t want to lose it
And I don’t want to confuse it
For feelings of lust
A crush, that will fade away

This is more powerful
This feeling is eternal
This feeling is love
The highest above
This feeling is raw
This feeling is pure
And above all else, it will endure

This is what they call love
A gift sent from above

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