Sometimes we question the existence of God
Or whether or not He is a good guy
Why would we suffer so much in life
If God were superhero almighty
Who is surmised to save us from all of our troubles?
But think about it
You’re alive
All of your worst days, you’ve survived
God gave us the power to overcome all our obstacles
And even if we didn’t, one or two
He taught us the lessons to be learned from each trifle are not few
We have gotten past each mountain, every struggle in our lives
Albeit with a scratch or two
But alive
Coming out of it
Stronger than before
Learning from past mistakes
So that in the future, we know what to do
Life is not a game, and we are not God’s puppets
And God does not create our hardships
Some adversities are inevitable
But God helps us get through it all
God wants us to figure out who we are inside
How can we grow if we’re not presented with any challenges?
He wants us to lead our lives to the fullest
And experience every emotion there is, good and bad and the purest
So that we truly appreciate the exceptional times we have
And so that we know that no matter how many difficult times we have
We shall face them and get through them all
For we know that, there are better times to come after all
When life tests our abilities
And our endurance
Sometimes even God may not be able to help
He is simply a guiding hand
But be grateful for the life you possess
Life is all about the balance we assess

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2 thoughts on “Balance

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  1. I personally lost faith in God when my dad passed away, but yea I respect all religions equally though & as for myself I feel that I am just a human & humanity is my religion. Every religious script does say that a part of god resides in all of us & so I feel if I am good to people around me then in a way I guess I am serving that higher power in my own way. Nonetheless a lovely post I really did enjoy how you expressed the importance of balance in our lives. I made somewhat a similar poem that talked about life in general:

    Please do give it a read according to your convenience, thanks again for sharing such a lovely post 🙂


    1. “Humanity is my religion” I would definitely have to agree to this. I have immense faith in God and that there is a higher power out there looking out for us and keeping us safe but I’m not a very religious person. I read your poem and I think that all of us should strive to be that kind of person who knows how to ideally handle and behave according to each situation. So, “humanity is my religion” really works because I’d strive to be a good human being each day, and to help other people in any way I can. Thank you for sharing your post, it was a good read 🙂

      Also, I’m really sorry you had to go through such an experience of losing your father. It’s nice to see that you’ve come out of that low point in your life and are lifting yourself up now but I understand that that kind of pain would never truly go away.


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