Unseen Forces

You have no idea
Of the people who care for you
Absolutely no clue
Of the magic around you
Unseen forces
Together working
Reinvigorating you
Giving life to the blood that courses through your veins
Spreading positive vibes of energy deep within your soul
The times you got lucky
So-called holding aces
The times you gained courage and endured
Even when the dreaded apocalypse to your world seemed to have approached you
Remaining centered though life surely has both its ups and downs
You have no idea the reason behind your newfound ability to casually wave it all off
The hidden powers that surround you
Blessings from the Gods above you
From prayers of those who love you
Keep them close to heart
Because you really have no idea

Image credits: http://aspiesaredreamers.tumblr.com/page/2


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