We come from different backgrounds, you and I

You do not know mine, nor yours do I

But you feel the need to comment on me

Do you think you could please just let me be?

People often thrive on idle gossip

To distract them from their own meaningless lives

Whispers, rumors, here and there

The person spoken of blissfully unaware

Until the moment when it does find its way into their ears

And crushes them

For they know the truth

And they do not understand why it brings your sadistic minds joy

To spread false accusations about a complete stranger you know nothing about

What do you achieve from telling lies,

And invading on another’s privacy?

Can you not hear my helpless cries,

That I am not the one you speak of?

But I understand that you do not really care

All you desire is satisfaction and validation from others

A feeling of superiority

Well, I have risen above all that, I do not need your approval, my friend.

Image credits: http://www.absolutearts.com/painting_oil/pol_ledent-gossip-1158298640.html


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