Jars Of Light

I have a jar
A jar for you
A jar for him
A jar for her
A jar for them
One by one or simultaneously they may fill
Little by little
Tiny little drops
Bubbling with unpleasant emotions
As time passes by, these jars will drain
But if you were to fill it to the peak, it would burst, and you can’t tell
That I’ve been bottling it up all this time
That it’s not just one little thing that made me explode, rather
Multiple things of various sizes adding up slowly
Insidiously collecting in my ever-expanding jars
Give me some time, please
Before you continue to trouble me
Because I need some alone time and some peace

But now, I have grown,
My jars drain faster
I no longer ask anyone for peace
Because it’s something only from myself I can receive
I break these jars before they can fill
I am in control of my own emotions
And won’t allow anyone to have power over me
I’ve switched these negative containers with jars of light
And I now view the world with a bright new sight

Image credits: http://namtia.deviantart.com/art/Letting-go-of-bottled-up-emotions-622560763


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