On & Off: The End

It’s night
It’s dark outside but inside it’s bright
You’re tired
Eyes strained but you don’t want to sleep
For if you do then all that you have been working so hard for would be washed away
So you stay up
And continue working
But eventually you grow so tired you finally switch off the lights
But then you can’t fall asleep, you just can’t
You toss and turn in the bed, thinking of the waking moments
You switch the lights back on
But then you grow tired and switch the lights off again
On again
Off again
A cycle
The light’s out but you’re still trying to work
Fruitlessly, in vain
Will you be able to work again after sleeping and having some rest?
The overused on and off switch is now broken
Lights flickering
You’re stuck in limbo

Image credits: https://streetartnews.net/2012/04/escif-new-mural-in-katowice-poland.html


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