Are not how they seem
Are not how they appear to be
Are not what they show themselves to be

We are all composed of various layers
An outer strata for the unknown strangers
Strip one off for new folk we encounter
Each individual has a different number
And not one soul is the same with all
Do you think, perhaps, this would lead to our downfall?

Different with family
Different with friends
Different with colleagues
Different with our partners
Even different with our prospective partners

But who are we all in reality?
Is comprehending it a possibility?
Does it take a special person
An extraordinary spirit to
Peel back every carpet
Break through every carapace
And get to the inner core?

How do we fathom who we truly are
Without self introspection?
And even with?
And how do we realize who the others veraciously are
Whilst they don’t even know themselves?

Who can be trusted?
Is it you?
Is it me?

Dig through to find the essence of me
You are not the person you purport to be
Let’s stop playing this inconsequential game
I want to know much more than just your name
Let’s excoriate ourselves from our false identities
I want to understand you to the best of my abilities

Please reveal yourself to me and be free
For from the moon, I’ll rocket into
And plummet though Earth’s atmospheres to
Cipher what exists inside
Please show me what abides in the center
For I crave to learn what lives

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