Self Realization

I realized that, I can never know myself completely. Nobody could know themselves completely unless they have a clear understanding about how other people view and perceive them.

I often see pictures or videos of myself and wonder if that is the real or a fake me.

I feel surprised whenever I find out how much I mean to somebody, because I never realize what an impact I have on other people. Also, one small thing that you have done for someone that you may have forgotten about, could be imprinted in the other person’s mind forever, and that something you don’t even remember has a powerful impact on how they view you. It’s intriguing.

I wonder if I’ll ever know everything about myself, and that disturbs me a little. But is there a difference between knowing who you are, self realization, and knowing everything about yourself? Could it be that, knowing who you are means knowing all your capabilities and flaws, etc, and is a part of self realization as a whole, which includes understanding your emotions at a particular time, the events that led up to it, knowing the reasons behind why you feel a certain way you do, and why you do the things you do?

I want to embrace myself, acknowledge my true feelings, motives, and be true to who I am on the inside. I want to be my own best friend and stop myself from doing things I know I shouldn’t be doing, and urge myself to do things I know I should be doing or I want to do but I’m too scared to.

I want to achieve self realization. Does the fact that I know I’m not there yet get me one step closer to that path?

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