How I long to be a free bird soaring through the wind
Singing sweet melodies
That tell tales of the serenity of the surrounding painted skies

How I long to be one with nature
Experiencing it with my mind, body and soul
Breathing and absorbing it with all the six senses

How I long to explore the world and all it has to offer
Travelling to distant far-off places than the ones I know
No ties to any certain dwelling, yet
My entire being existing in harmony
With the feeling of belonging
To no specific locality or community, but to nature

Oh, free me from the enslavement of the human mind
How I long to escape the clutches of the others’ eyes
Free me from the tight grasp and the gibe
Of the supercilious civilians around me

Help me pay no heed to those
Whose voids in their lives abet them to taunt and mock those who dare to be disparate
For I am trapped in the body of a tortured soul
Permit me to be at peace with myself and my environment as a whole

For how I long to free
How I long to be
Just me

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