2 Poles (part 1)

Why is it that the little ones have clearer understandings of themselves?

As a child, I knew myself more than I do now.
I was creative, I called myself an artist, and I was proud and satisfied.
I loved to sing, I’d even sing in public.
I was kind and helpful to everyone.
I loved to play whether with others or by myself but I knew I preferred company.

As an adolescent, I lost myself.
I started believing I want to be alone all the time, just because I couldn’t find the right company.
I believed I had no talents.
I was ashamed of myself, constantly comparing myself to others and undermining myself.

As an adult, I’ve slowly learned I’m still a kid.
I’m still the same kid, that’s me.
I’ve learned to accept myself, to take pride in myself and my qualities.
To embrace myself, express myself, maybe even advertise myself, but humbly.

I’m slowly rediscovering myself.

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