The Little Bird

Chirp chirp chirp
Fidgeting anxiously, perched in my little cage, I yearned for the sky
The enthralling landscape extending for miles and miles
Alluring and mysterious, holding wonders unknown to me all the while

How I longed to spread my wings and soar like my cousins did up above so high
To explore the clouds and the trees
And make new acquaintances, new friends and family

Chirp chirp chirp!
Oh, finally someone heard my wails!
A friendly face helped remove me from these rails
Out, I flew, up, up, up, and away
Unaware of the dangers ahead that lay
Frightened but excited to take on this new day

Exhilarating it was, so high up to be
I felt as if the entire world belonged to me
I realized there were so many beautiful things to see

However, it did not occur to me
That, attached was a price to this new sense of feeling free
Oh, I was hit with such irony
As I realized no one was there to feed or take care of me

Chirp chirp chirp!
I wanted to go back
To the shelter of my cozy little cage
And the assurance of a safe place
But that was not in my destiny
So I accepted my reality

Determined, I found my place in the skies
And learned to appreciate what I have in life

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