Reading Adventures

Lost in an ocean of books around you
Streams of alluring words that take you to newfangled far-off lands of magic
A means to escape your own actuality
An educational peregrination of spine-tingling new adventures and peculiarities
Experiences that construct you
Forming emotional attachments and empathy links to fictitious vitalities
Learning more about yourself as well as your own surroundings, in spite of being in an exclusively contrasting  alternate reality
With wide eyes and a broader mind
Opening doors to infinite possibilities
Each word of each sentence patterned in an exquisitely thought-provoking manner
The gears of your thought processes turning
Frantically flying through
Page by page
Craving to know more and more
Of the characters that impart you with knowledge
Of the stories that empower you with life
A blissful abode you would love to inhabit for eternity
A little piece of heaven on earth
Your reading endeavours are anything but stodgy!

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