Goodbye, Logic

There comes a point in a girl’s life where she meets a guy who drives her crazy,
She knows he’s no good but he makes her want to be racy.

She knows there’s no future but she no longer cares,
All she wants to do is follow him everywhere.

She knows what she’s doing and that it’s so wrong,
But she starts to feel like she’s been far too good for far too long.

And she starts to think that maybe there’s a possibility,
But she’s blinded, got her head in the clouds, far from reality.

Just a simple glance at her,
Can make her melt and wither.

All her logical thinking and resolve,
With that one look dissipate and dissolve.

Occupying her thoughts all day and all night,
She’s hoping in vain that he’ll be forgotten by the next light.



Dedicated to a friend 🙂
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