You’ve spotted, while you were in pain,
A poor harmless kid at a lonely table.
You start calling him names,
About him, spreading new lies; a new fable.

You’re already in his shoes, but you don’t understand,
That the hurt you’re feeling is not in his hand.
He has done absolutely nothing to you,
However, to torment him, you still continue.

You don’t want to see another person like yourself,
Because you haven’t yet come around to accepting yourself.
People hurt you, and you want a vent,
So you hurt others, but you must repent.

The root cause is your insecurity,
Which you won’t dare reveal.
You crave a sense of superiority,
So you’ll never admit how you truly feel.

But deep down you know it,
This anguish you feel is real.
All you need is the right outlet,
And a little time to heal.

That boy you abuse is suffering,
Your bullying is killing him inside.
And you know it’s all your doing,
Your agony you just want to hide.

But you need a new channel,
To release the burdens of your mind.
Perhaps you’ll join a panel,
With humble people who are kind.

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