“True Love”

Why is it that I still dream about him at night?
And wake up with thoughts of him in the morning?
It is heart breaking

Intentionally, we never did anything to harm each other
But inadvertently done actions led to pain, and we did suffer
I feel like I have lost him forever
My adherent behavior drove him away
And I finally did something one day
That hurt him so much he’s sure never to return

I really did love him
And I still love him
I did so ardently want him in my life
I had very much inclined to be his wife

But from the past few months
I have stopped seeing that as a possibility
And I have been trying to accept my reality

Even then
There is still a piece of me
Clinging to him
That just won’t stop no matter how much I try

Maybe that is proof of true love, that
I have finally physically let him go, but
He will never leave my heart

Even if I have got myself completely preoccupied
He still finds some way to creep into my consciousness
Because he is always present in my subconsciousness

A part of me still lingers on him
And my entire soul still yearns for him
How can I make this pain that I do not even acknowledge go away
When it has become a normal part of my day?

Will I ever move on?
I do not think I shall
For I may have let him go
But true love shall never lose its hold

Sequel: No Longer

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