Be Kind To The Girl

Be kind to the girl
The one who always saw the best in you, even when you didn’t see it yourself
The one who always wanted the best for you, especially when it seemed like you were throwing your life away
The one who accepted you, flaws and all, and loved you anyway
The one you lied to and showered with false promises
The one you disregarded and hurt countless times
The one who you caused pain more than you could imagine but still welcomes you with open arms when your only intent is to use her

Be kind to the girl who genuinely cared for you
And loved you enough to let you go
Be kind to her and let her go
And relieve her of the burden of anguish that comes to her with you
For her heart is large yet so fragile, dented and fragmented from the wounds you inflicted upon her

Be kind to the girl and let her go, please, or treat her the way she deserves to be treated
For she fears she cannot bear this ache in her chest anymore
She’s afraid if you come back and build her hopes up, just to break them down again, that this time she’ll fall so hard she won’t be able to get up again
All she craves for is a little love

Be kind to the girl

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2 thoughts on “Be Kind To The Girl

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  1. You never fail to amaze me with your creativity , however next time we chat & you say that you can be dangerous, I’ll probably male version of this titled “Be kind to the boy” lol . Nonetheless an incredible post as always 🙂

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