I remember that ever since I was young, I, the shy girl, would approach and speak to people who seemed to be alone because I would feel bad for them and thought they could also use a friend.

Now, as I have grown older, I realize I still do that and the reasoning why. People ask me why I’m friends with someone who everyone else dislikes, and I realized that, it’s because I see the good in everyone. I can get along with anyone who doesn’t have a problem with me, no matter how different they are from me, because to me, it’s what’s deep inside that counts, and I believe that each person is good deep down.

I remember as a kid, I was extremely judgmental and my mother would always tell me to find one good thing in each person; and now I have and continue to. And no matter how much other people tell me otherwise, or try to get me to not interact with a certain person, I will be good to all as I have an unshakable belief that will not waver unless I’m proven otherwise. People are not perfect, and the people who are considered “bad” according to me are just good people who have made bad decisions.

Sometimes, though, when I see people with such obvious cruel intentions, I start to lose my faith in humanity. But even then, I believe that these are just people whose thinking has gone astray; people who have never had proper guidance; people who have never been shown proper care or love; people who could change if they’re shown the right path.

I do believe in humanity.

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