Fresh off the boat, you’re trying to make a good impression,
But you don’t know the rules, and you don’t have an invitation.

You’re seeking to get close to authority,
Not knowing they prefer seniority.

You realize you don’t fit into this community,
Everyone around you exhibits their superiority.

A hostile vibe exudes from the crowd as you pass,
You’re wondering how you’d ever manage to please the mass.

There is zero sense of unity,
It seems like nobody can work together in harmony.

But you still step up, trying to create a change,
A few like-minded friends support you, attempting to arrange.

The others around you seem illiterate,
Their prejudice and fear you try to obliterate.

To alter the system is your aim,
The only way to turnover the game.

Gradually as time passes, you’re let in the know-how,
And you’re made aware of how not to blow out.

Finally, you’ve been granted entry into the race,
And you’re striving towards becoming the next best ace.


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