Darling beloved friend of mine,
Are you aware that I hold our rapport divine?
When you’re around, it’s the best time of mine,
Even when you’re far, I know that between us everything is fine.

The physical distance may be great,
But emotionally, we’re as close as can be.
And even though we haven’t spoken of late,
I know together, you and I, inseparable are we.

We don’t talk on a daily basis,
But our love remains the same whenever we do.
Every day around me I see smiling faces,
Best friend of mine, they remind me of you.

Sometimes we don’t speak for months together,
But when we finally do, we’re just as close.
We are present in each other’s hearts forever,
And honey, that’s what makes me love you the most.

You are one among those who know me best,
You can spot my emotions easily.
And about me if you were to be given a test,
You would ace it, flawlessly.

You’re the one I can turn to when I’m down,
A burden to console me, you never see.
You’re the one who won’t ever let me frown,
With you I’m as happy as can be.

You and I would never fight,
Trouble between us, there would never be.
And even if there ever might,
We would solve any problem peacefully.

For a companionship like ours, there’s nothing that can come between,
So distance and time would never be our enemies.
Adoration and trust, reciprocated respectfully,
Of our camaraderie, those are the beautiful entities.

I remember one day you said to me,
A search for a bond like ours isn’t easy,
Irreplaceable are we, for you and me;
A thought that we share mutually.

Our friendship isn’t something that can be measured,
Just like the affection between us, you see.
Our friendship for a lifetime will be treasured,
Soul sisters, you and I, are meant to be.

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Daily Prompt: Distant


2 thoughts on “Covalent

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  1. Hey . This is composed so beautifully. As simple as it could sound , deeper it would mean . The rhyming syncs in so well too . Try tuning this . You could make it a melody .

    Liked by 1 person

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