I am okay!

Worry, worry, worry,
Under a mound of stress, I’m buried.
Hurry, hurry, hurry,
To find a solution to this mess, I’m worried.

All these thoughts are making my head spin,
Making me nauseous and dizzy.
I wish I could toss it all away into the dustbin,
For it is greatly taking a mental toll on me, making me go crazy!

I wonder, when is the end to this strife?
I pray to God for things to go right.
I contemplate the meaning of life,
And at some point, I see the light.

To better the lives of each of our communities,
Put on this earth were we.
But when the existence of all of us ceases,
Then so does the reason for me.

So in life there is no true purpose,
But because we are here today,
Start making a pact, let us,
To brighten each and every day.

Things may go wrong,
They may not go our way.
But let us stay strong,
And be content, come what may.

For thinking too much doesn’t help at all,
Unless there is something we can actually do.
Sometimes it is inevitable that we trip and fall,
But we can still regain composure, I assure you.

And I want you to tell yourself, every day,
“Although things may not go my way,
I will get back up on my feet, I will never there lay,
Whatever happens, I will be okay!”


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7 thoughts on “I am okay!

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  1. The image goes well with your “innocent bunny” image (although we both know that is merely an illusionary concept & how dangerous you can really be), but anyway on a serious note I’m really impressed with this post, the application of thought behind this poem was absolutely great really. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. So you know your own true colors, you know how dangerous you can be & hence weren’t trying to falsely project that you are an innocent bunny right? You just focused on the poem lol on the serious note incredible work keep rocking 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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