Surrounded by people,
I never felt more alone.
But now I’m all by myself,
And I finally feel at home.

Sometimes into your life people enter,
Who are never meant to be.
Those superficial relationships with no center,
Are quite unhealthy.

We swallow our pride,
To impress our peers.
We take everything in stride,
And withhold our tears.

We are calm on the outside,
Not voicing our fears.
Dead scared on the inside,
What if somebody hears?

Nobody will really listen,
Because none of them truly care.
To “expose” you they will threaten,
To spread rumors everywhere.

Gossip of some form is all they crave for,
To dance in the empty hippodrome of their destitute minds.
For they have no real thoughts of their own, or,
They’re hiding in their home of lonely rumination by shut blinds.

Why do we behave as mindless puppets,
Performing upon a torturous stage?
None other than we, are the real culprits,
Why do we feel as if we’re in a locked cage?

The only way to break free,
Is to stop caring about what others think, whatever may be.
That is the only way, you will see,
For you to remain happy.

Because I know that behind your false smile,
Is an untold tale of ongoing grief.
And although it may take a while,
I thought this poem could help you acquire relief.

Surrounded by people,
I never felt more alone.
But now I am true to myself,
And I’ve never felt more at home.





Image source

Another post about fake friends: The Leech


I’ve learned to stop caring much about what other people think, and embrace who I am. The right people will stick around, support and guide you no matter what. As for the people who belittle you, you have to stop and ask yourself, “Are these really the kind of people I want in my life?”. The answer to that question should be “no”. Nobody should have to change who they are or give up on their dreams just for the sake of other people. No two people were born to be alike, so embrace yourself and your uniqueness, and give up on hollow relationships. The only people who matter are you and the people who truly care about you.


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