Swim swim swim,
I was minding my own business.
Then came him,
The fisherman who made my mind a mess.

I swam away,
To the other side of the earth.
And then one day,
A new interest was given birth.

This new fisherman threw out a dazzling line,
He reeled me in with his mesmerizing eyes,
Freedom was no longer mine,
He captured me, I was fixed into ties.

At me and my colorful scales, he gazed,
Through the glass wall of the aquarium.
Until the day he remained unfazed,
And was only left with boredom.

That day, he pulled me out,
And swallowed me whole.
That day, I got out,
But was left with a hole.

The journey back to the sea,
Was a grave and difficult one.
But it was important to me,
That the second fisherman was finally done.

And then one day,
A new fisherman let out an extraordinary hook.
And although I tried to swim away,
It finally caught me, that crook!

The new fisherman didn’t even know it,
He didn’t even try to reel me in.
I was afraid that I was going to blow it,
I didn’t know what state I was in.

I swam around the sea,
Still attached to the hook.
Hoping for the best for me,
As I read the fishes’ holy book.

I no longer know,
What the future would have in store.
But I don’t feel low,
I always aspire for more!


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