Fri(end)ship – sailed?

You brought a lot of pain into my heart,
And although I knew you did it unintentionally,
I felt it would be best for us to part,
So that I can live my own life peacefully.

Days and months passed, no text, no call,
You from my mind had been released.
My life was going great; I was having a ball!
Seeing me with others, you were not pleased.

You watched me bubble and thrive,
While you were all alone on your own.
I gave you many a passing smile,
But towards me you were bitter and ice cold.

I remember the days when for you I had cried,
But you were never aware of how you hurt me so.
Despite this, to mend our friendship I really tried,
But the blame on me you continued to throw.

Then on your special day did I cautiously approach,
When you expressed your sorrow wistfully.
And now no longer do you reproach,
But I maintain my distance carefully.

I don’t know if we’ll ever be,
As close as we used to be before.
But I remember how much you mattered to me,
I just hope that we don’t ever fight anymore.


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