Black Hole

I was out of breath, falling,
Down a deep abyss of destruction,
As my nightmares were mauling,
My blithe dreams torn – frustration.

My flailing arms were thrown out,
Grabbing at the air in vain,
Oh, it is futile, no doubt,
My lungs were burning in pain.

Like a fish out of water,
Or an insect at sea,
But you would never bother,
Not even for me.

I needed something – anything,
A branch to hold on to,
But you gave me nothing,
Nothing but the past to run to.

And run, I did, back to the past,
A place now consumed by oblivion,
And time caught up with me all too fast,
But I find that I still attempt to run.

Through a swirling mass of chaos,
That which is my mind unfurled,
My tangible love I endeavored to toss,
My heart into the endless void I hurled.

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