A Grave Chase

She sings a melody of woe, For her heart wishes to go, To the lands beyond the oceans that she wishes to know, She tries to raise her bars, She reaches for the stars, On which she places dreams of hers within her nightjars, She wants to walk on two feet, A prince, she wants... Continue Reading →


The Inner Monster

The sunshine scares me, the wrath of tomorrow, The horrors of a brand new day, old sorrow, I wish to hide in my blanket all night long, But to face my challenges I must be strong. The silence of the night is peaceful and comforting, Trust me, no one would wish to wake to my... Continue Reading →

Goodnight, Goodbye.

Waiting, Desperately for the sun to rise on this seemingly never-ending gloomy night. Waiting, At least for the stars to shine and slowly start to set things right. Waiting, To be able to give myself a valid reason for our petty fight. Waiting, For us to be able to wake up from this nightmare and... Continue Reading →


As on my memories I look back and rewind, I think of how in some, “out of sight, out of mind”, But in others “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, And as to how it has gotten this way I wonder. I just do not understand, What it is that God has planned, Will there... Continue Reading →

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I remember the days when I would roam, The wintry streets of my old home, And the paths of this new city, All just seem so foreign to me. I grab a book and sit on the porch, My old familiar habits I will not torch, Just because I am in a new place, Does... Continue Reading →

To All The Negative Nancies

Do you know what I despise in you? Each and every thing I say, you take and twist and distort it in your own mind, Deriving out of it the worst meaning that ONLY YOU could find, Even though there didn’t exist any at all, And you throw it all back at my face, It... Continue Reading →

what you find when you climb the hill

I walk a path no one has dared to tread before, But the simple riches ahead seem just out of my reach, As I climb up the steep hill my feet get sore, And I come across a pretty peach, A juicy peach, so nice and sweet. So plump and fleshy it calls to me... Continue Reading →


When the aggressive blizzard strikes, And the fields are heavy-laden with snow, On all your hard work when the storm pikes, What will you reap when gone is what you did sow? Do you know? When your families are starving, And you’re surrounded by a deadly foe, The situation is quite alarming, A precious gift... Continue Reading →

Into The Woods

By day, a brisk walk through the park, By night, run from fear of the eerie dark, A meeting with a stranger, a pleasant surprise, But continued forth is lurking your demise, Flee back to the terrifying rotting bark. Take a chance - explore the woods unknown, Ignore the voice within that won’t condone, Be... Continue Reading →

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