Fluid thoughts in bottomless paper, Ink of blood carved in stone, Solid soul that once did waver, Guarded by unflinching bone.



I Love the Sound of the Raindrops falling Softly on the glass Windows, appearing like Stars shining brightly against The ominous black background of The night, which is no longer feared but Loved, as the universe domains our souls Image source 1, 2


At last we each went our own way Never again will we both sway Our love was just not meant to stay My heart with you shall always lay To be together forever I did pray But wish and wish as I may No longer can I go astray Gone are the times when we... Continue Reading →

Colloquial Therapy

Sometimes, our minds go astray, And then, seek external help we may, Just like our bodies need to be fit, Sometimes our souls need to take a sit, And pour out their anxiety, While they learn the power of therapy.


Paint - With the colors conceivable only in your mind, A breathtaking place only you could find, Imbibed with memories that inspire your soul, And experiences that have made you whole. Watch - The clouds drift away and the sun start to set, While you reminisce upon the day we first met, And recall the... Continue Reading →


Sleep Off your worries in a cold night, Off your hunger in a harsh plight, Off the taint you feel on your skin, Off the thoughts of your terrible sin, Off the guilt that has you down, Off the agony you wish to drown, Off your deepest ruinous sorrow, For you will wake up to... Continue Reading →


In your story where you Are the protagonist, All along have you Been the antagonist? A constant struggle Within your mind, Too much trouble - Truth hard to find, Seek out the light Deep in your soul, Shines, the dark night Through your heart’s hole, Shall you boldly face Your biggest fear, In a daunting... Continue Reading →


I can go through life Blissfully unaware, Of all the strife That makes people stop and stare, Aghast at the state In which our world lies, Is this to be our fate Despite all of our tries? No! If only I did not know Of the horrors as such, About my day I could go... Continue Reading →


To be or not to be, To stay or to go, Take a firm decision, And soon you will know, That whatever you do choose, Will be the best for you, You have nothing to lose, Whatever shall you do? This is your chance, To change events from today. Snap out of your trance, This... Continue Reading →

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