Will today be the last? One can never know. We think about the past, But do not let it show. Old grudges we don’t get over, While we hide behind forgotten grief. Our true emotions we need to uncover, But we continue to pursue a false belief. Let us no longer conceal our ruth, But... Continue Reading →


The Siren

In her raspy deceitful voice she said "come hither," And to my absolute utter horror and disappointment did he turn. Some day her frail facade will tear and wither, And that day his soul in realization will burn. She sings songs of an imaginary place, Tales that capture him in a state of trance. He... Continue Reading →


Stand up, wipe your tears, Take my hands and release your fears. A little cup, lying on the floor, Drink from it to reach Heaven's door. Except, you got fooled by me, I'm not an angel, I'm The Devil you see? I'll take you down, straight down to Hell, There's not one soul that you... Continue Reading →

The Art Of Poetry

Please forgive my misguided acts based on irrational feelings I should have repressed. But if I had the chance to go back in time I think I would probably do it again. To help you understand I come before you today with my soul bared open and my mind undressed. I'll describe to you the... Continue Reading →


A balloon is my heart that was inflated, By the helium of my mother's kiss. Up into the sky it soared, elated, To seize the chance I would not miss. Unbeknownst to me, it was caught in a trap, You came along perched at my peak. After flying around and ending your flap, You pierced... Continue Reading →


  A plea to my loved one: How many walls and barriers do I have to break, And how many journeys across seas and oceans must I take, To get to know the inner you, And wipe away your tears and blue? Why do you distance yourself from me so? I have immense care for... Continue Reading →


Time may seem illusionary; it is infinite, But we, my dear, are merely finite. I, however, intend to be immortal, Though I'll graciously pass through Heaven's portal. The people I leave behind will carry on my name, The dreams I bring to life will lead me to my fame. Pieces of my soul imprinted in... Continue Reading →


Metal pieces, nuts and bolts Screw them tight, begin to learn Hope that you don't start revolts For if you do, then you will burn Live out life robotically Fake a smile and let them be Pretend you're living happily There's much you wish that you could see Nuts and bolts, they all come loose... Continue Reading →

A Bright Sunny Day

A bright sunny dayA peaceful stroll through the parkWhen the sky started to grayAnd all of a sudden, my world grew darkI increased my paceNo one could see my faceThe shadows loomed over meI could feel them start consuming meMy walk turned to a sprintAs the black clouds overpowered meI couldn't help but thinkThat this is... Continue Reading →

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