What is a friend?

According to me, the definition of friendship is: an unspoken and unwritten mutual implied agreement between two or more individuals including but not limited to reliability, confidentiality, and loyalty. Why do we have so many fake friends?



I remember that ever since I was young, I, the shy girl, would approach and speak to people who seemed to be alone because I would feel bad for them and thought they could also use a friend. Now, as I have grown older, I realize I still do that and the reasoning why. People... Continue Reading →

Self Realization

I realized that, I can never know myself completely. Nobody could know themselves completely unless they have a clear understanding about how other people view and perceive them. I often see pictures or videos of myself and wonder if that is the real or a fake me. I feel surprised whenever I find out how... Continue Reading →

Because I’m Shy…

Thank you. Thank you for making an active effort to maintain a relationship with me. Thank you for sticking around for as long as it took for me to feel comfortable around you and reciprocate. Thank you for messaging me, calling me, keeping in touch with me. Thank you for showing me there are people... Continue Reading →

What if…

What if... What if we didn't learn history? What if all our memories were erased and reset and we had zero knowledge of the past? What if we listened to the little ones - the unbiased ones? What if they taught us compassion for everyone? Hate is not born; it's learnt, it's taught. What if... Continue Reading →

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