Be Kind To The Girl

Be kind to the girl The one who always saw the best in you, even when you didn't see it yourself The one who always wanted the best for you, especially when it seemed like you were throwing your life away The one who accepted you, flaws and all, and loved you anyway The one... Continue Reading →


Broken HEALING He left her shattered and broken in pieces She had hope but she's been blind He hurt her countless times and made her suffer That sometimes she'd rather have died And the things he did to her killed her inside But she's picking up the fragments he left behind She's mending and she's healing her damaged mind He cannot wound her anymore even if he... Continue Reading →


All our lives we're told we need to study, To get a good job, and make good money. Money for food and recreation, But why not start now, our relaxation? All our life we toil away, And only retreat at the end of the day. But why not enjoy ourselves today? It not only keeps... Continue Reading →

“True Love”

Why is it that I still dream about him at night? And wake up with thoughts of him in the morning? It is heart breaking Intentionally, we never did anything to harm each other But inadvertently done actions led to pain, and we did suffer I feel like I have lost him forever My adherent... Continue Reading →


You've spotted, while you were in pain, A poor harmless kid at a lonely table. You start calling him names, About him, spreading new lies; a new fable. You're already in his shoes, but you don't understand, That the hurt you're feeling is not in his hand. He has done absolutely nothing to you, However,... Continue Reading →

Burn Out

Words flow from your mouth so eloquently, You are her sun - as the earth, she feels your gravity. Her giggles make your heart just melt, Emotions that you've never felt. She revolves around you, and your energy of radiance. But her world involves her, and you start to prefer avoidance. Eventually, the heat gets... Continue Reading →

The Light In Me

I think I'm finally beginning to understand Who I am I think I'm finally beginning to see The light in me For far too long I have doubted And underestimated myself and my capabilities But I am just as good as anyone else I need to stop hating myself For far too long I have... Continue Reading →


Beautiful girl with an angelic face, Voice sweet as honey, walk and poise full of grace. Her laugh the sound of bells, Makes you want to join in. But she'll take you down the rails, And much trouble, you'll be in. Her perfect smile won't make you doubt her impure intentions, Until you're hanging down... Continue Reading →

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