To be or not to be, To stay or to go, Take a firm decision, And soon you will know, That whatever you do choose, Will be the best for you, You have nothing to lose, Whatever shall you do? This is your chance, To change events from today. Snap out of your trance, This... Continue Reading →



The place in my heart that belongs to you, Stayed far too long, I am a fool, And now that you’re gone, I’m feeling blue, But to the outside world, I play it cool. The past years have been a rollercoaster ride, But it was worth it just to see you smile, Now new rules... Continue Reading →


“I experience difficulty articulating my thoughts and feelings into speech which could be utilized in an attempt to give you a chance to possibly comprehend me. However, a failure to grasp the true meaning or intent I wish to convey, or even more abhorrent, a failure to seize an opportunity as such, would leave me... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Read

Reading is an exquisite escape from reality. It offers the allure and excitement of a new adventure within the comforts of your own home. When you’re reading a good book, all of your senses are alert and occupied. You lose track of time and have zero awareness of your surroundings. It captivates you. It moves... Continue Reading →


A friend once said “you are the average of the people who surround you.” This must be why I have declined. I want to associate myself with intellectual people who will engage me in conversations that add value to my life, where I gain constructive insight about myself, society, and the workings of the world. Sadly,... Continue Reading →


I think the secret behind ambitious people is that they have confidence in themselves. I have so many things I would wish to achieve but I what separates me from those who are ambitious is that I lack self-confidence and I have a fear of failure either due to a clear view of or a... Continue Reading →


All the thoughts I could possibly think have already been thought by others before. So what value am I adding to anyone? ... Answer: I believe I am adding value to myself and to others who haven’t yet had those thoughts before.


Will today be the last? One can never know. We think about the past, But do not let it show. Old grudges we don’t get over, While we hide behind forgotten grief. Our true emotions we need to uncover, But we continue to pursue a false belief. Let us no longer conceal our ruth, But... Continue Reading →


I reside in a puddle, Around me you huddle, My small frame you long to cuddle, As your soul begins yearning to protect, Our surroundings you inspect, Past experiences you recollect, For I am a delicate little flower, Unscarred by any evil power, Forfending me to cower, Through my blind naive belief, Which provides you... Continue Reading →

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