A sympathetic reaction - Your body's way of empathizing with your mind. Facing your fears through action, Dilated pupils trying not to go blind. Fight or flight, To avoid your plight. A rush of blood through your body, Upon recollection, your memories may or may not be spotty. You'll never forget what happened that day,... Continue Reading →

Sunset 🌅

Laying on the green grass and looking at the clouds I was Moving slowly, the clouds were My train of thought I boarded With you by my side, my heart unfolded As we lay there, hand in hand Reminiscing the past, the future unplanned I thought of all the things I was grateful for Your... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Logic

There comes a point in a girl's life where she meets a guy who drives her crazy, She knows he's no good but he makes her want to be racy. She knows there's no future but she no longer cares, All she wants to do is follow him everywhere. She knows what she's doing and... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel

Enter with apprehension, Into a dark scary world. With unknown dangers ahead in retention, That you just can't ignore. Inside the tunnel, With just a small torchlight, Stumbling through, trying not to pummel, While seeking daylight. Zig-zag through a confusing black maze, Sometimes you feel as if you're in a daze. Scuttling through an anxiety-inducing... Continue Reading →

Motion Sickness

The brain overthinking The heart "over-feeling" The ears overhearing The nose "over-smelling" All of my organs ganging up on my poor GI tract, To make me feel sick, they've made a pact. Image source: Motion Sickness - Hot Chip

Reading Adventures

Lost in an ocean of books around you Streams of alluring words that take you to newfangled far-off lands of magic A means to escape your own actuality An educational peregrination of spine-tingling new adventures and peculiarities Experiences that construct you Forming emotional attachments and empathy links to fictitious vitalities Learning more about yourself as... Continue Reading →

No Longer

He's no longer the one I dream of at night. He's no longer the one I wake up with thoughts of in the morning. He's no longer the one in my consciousness, Even if he still slightly lingers in my subconsciousness. He's no longer the one who brightens my day, No longer the one who... Continue Reading →


As children, we had obedience. We were young and we knew we needed guidance. But as time passed on, And the markings on our walls inched higher and higher, We started to believe that we had maturity. Young fools we were, Feeling justifiable all the time. Anarchic we were, Feeling misunderstood when our parents would... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking

The good boy's sweet to me, He's innocent and kind. The good boy favors me, But he's not on my mind. The bad boy looks at me, A gaze that traps me under his spell. With sharp piercing eyes boring into me, That take me straight down to hell. The good boy's perfect in every... Continue Reading →

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