Time may seem illusionary; it is infinite, But we, my dear, are merely finite. I, however, intend to be immortal, Though I'll graciously pass through Heaven's portal. The people I leave behind will carry on my name, The dreams I bring to life will lead me to my fame. Pieces of my soul imprinted in... Continue Reading →


The Mystery Blogger Award

First of all, I would like to thank Yuvi for the nomination. I am extremely grateful and honored to have been considered for this award! Yuvi has an interesting blog with beautiful poetry, art, stories, and more, so do check her out! The 'Mystery Blogger' award, originally created by Okoto Enigma, is named after the meaning of... Continue Reading →


Metal pieces, nuts and bolts Screw them tight, begin to learn Hope that you don't start revolts For if you do, then you will burn Live out life robotically Fake a smile and let them be Pretend you're living happily There's much you wish that you could see Nuts and bolts, they all come loose... Continue Reading →

Coin Flip

Prequels: 1, 2   The fox had finally come back to me. I was elated but soon realized that things weren't the same as they used to be. He was distant and afraid. I felt as if one small error on my part would have him scurrying out the door faster than he came in,... Continue Reading →


In response to


What? Where was I? How did I get here?Alone, I explored my surroundings. I was standing in an empty hallway, a massive corridor with a myriad of doors on either side of it that seemed to stretch out endlessly. The doors ahead of me all seemed exquisite but I was drawn to the ones behind... Continue Reading →


Your absence created a hole in my heart. I jolted awake when I realized what had happened. He was gone. But why? Why had he left me?I was taking my regular leisurely stroll through the forest when I noticed him, the fox that had captured my heart. The little creature intrigued me and filled my life... Continue Reading →

The Fox

It was a crisp cool autumn night. A lone girl was greeted by a gentle breeze that ruffled her hair and tickled her skin, wafting an addictive fragrance in the air. She removed her hands from her coat pocket and fixed her hair as she continued to take her leisurely stroll through the forest. Crickets... Continue Reading →


Pigsty. There was no better word to describe the place he was in at that moment. A foul stench insidiously filled up the entire area and it took all his reserve to control himself from vomiting then and there. 'Disgusting,' he thought. 'How have I been living here for so long?' He started to step... Continue Reading →

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