what you find when you climb the hill

I walk a path no one has dared to tread before, But the simple riches ahead seem just out of my reach, As I climb up the steep hill my feet get sore, And I come across a pretty peach, A juicy peach, so nice and sweet. So plump and fleshy it calls to me... Continue Reading →



When the aggressive blizzard strikes, And the fields are heavy-laden with snow, On all your hard work when the storm pikes, What will you reap when gone is what you did sow? Do you know? When your families are starving, And you’re surrounded by a deadly foe, The situation is quite alarming, A precious gift... Continue Reading →

Into The Woods

By day, a brisk walk through the park, By night, run from fear of the eerie dark, A meeting with a stranger, a pleasant surprise, But continued forth is lurking your demise, Flee back to the terrifying rotting bark. Take a chance - explore the woods unknown, Ignore the voice within that won’t condone, Be... Continue Reading →


Candlelight, Shining so bright, Bravely facing the harsh night, Fervently protect it with all your might, Please don’t give us all a fright, Do not let it out of sight. Along with the wind, it sways, And sways, Until finally dissipating away, You wish it would forever stay, Or to burn together that you may,... Continue Reading →


Why do we feel the need to criticize? Why do we only have hate in our eyes? Judgment and pride within us all do reside, They force us to hide, in others to not confide, But they are a part of us we should not encourage, Those futile behaviors we should discourage, For everyone will... Continue Reading →

the ringing in my ears

This noise, this noise Like a broken radio Or static from a TV. This noise, this noise I cannot hear myself Think clearly. This noise, this noise Make it go away Or I cannot sleep. This noise, this noise It is troubling me Oh, how I weep! This noise, this noise They’re the verbal deadwood... Continue Reading →

Confronting Fear

I emerge from the rubble, Of chaos and destruction, You shattered my perfect bubble, But now it’s under reconstruction. You sneered at me viciously, Piercing your sword through my heart, But I ascended gracefully - You could never again tear me apart. I remember the times when I would run, You would follow in close... Continue Reading →


She sits there in a confined tower, Forlorn in desolation on her own, She does not possess any power, Or any place she could call her home. Once upon a time, she used to feel free, Even though she has never been royalty, And neither has he been, or will ever be, But she has... Continue Reading →


I absolutely love this blog ❤️


Would you think I was crazy

If I said the dark gave me peace?

There are no blaring lights,

In these calming nights.

No one can really see,

The dark offers a lot of privacy.

To just be, to exist.

Live a life unnoticed.

What goes unnoticed, remains untouched.

I’d like to be that unbruised flower.

The one you water every day in your garden of dreams.

For when the morning comes,

So does all the hate.

I am more than how the light falls on me.

I am more than what they see.

They teach us to beware of the monsters under our bed.

Whilst they hide in plain sight, all the demons in their head.

© Abirami

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